Bodegas Larraz



In "La Cuesta" , municipality of Cenicero (La Rioja) has been making wine since the mid-40's, at first by renting wineries and then build underground tanks to purpose of elaborating on the farm itself.

In the late 60's and early 70 planting is done from the current 17 hectares of vineyards of the estate "La Cuesta"and during this stage is sold all the grapes for processing by prestigious Designation of Origin Rioja.

Recently, a small part of this production is dedicated to the development of an artisan wine “Caudum Bodegas Larraz”. A maximum of three thousand bottles of this wine made from the production farm  ½ Hectare of planted vineyards. 

This family project was started in 2003, this being the first vintage 2007 Production


 Hectares of vineyard: 17 Hct. Finca La Cuesta

½ Hectare used to prepare Caudum LARRAZ SC

* ENVERO SEASON: July 15 onwards


Manual harvest with 15 kg boxes. Destalk.

Caudum 3000 bottles have been produced using traditional methods, the alcoholic fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks, malolactic fermentation took place during the month of January 2008 in stainless steel tanks.


The wine is aged in French oak Allier barrels Radoux Tonnellerie (50%) and American oak Tonnellerie Victoria (50%) over a period of 12 months with racking at 6 months.


Bottled on the property and held for minimum 12 months in bottle. It has not been filtered or clarified.



The Latin word caudum could translate it as root or oak.

We chose this word because it identifies well with all the properties of our wines.